How can we assure your products and services?

Genius Soft is giving its contribution since 2009 especially to the many of the local businesses. Our valued customers are our strength. And registered company in Sri Lanka under business act.

Does the company offer totally customized products to the customers?

Yes. As your needs and requirements and considering your purpose, Genius Soft implements the best solution.

How much time does the company take to hand over a web site?

We’ll accomplish the target maximum within 10 days after you pay an advance fee to the company.

How much time does the company take to hand over a web application?

It takes quiet long period and depends on your needs.

Is there a hosting fee or is it free? How much is it?

Yes. There, you have to pay a little amount of money as hosting fee monthly or annually. We offer you one month free hosting time period since the web site launch.

How much time does the company take to hand over a software solution?

If the company receives the appropriate information and requirements on time, it takes maximum 20 days and depends on the requirements.

Are you offering island wide services? How fast is it?

Yes. Genius Soft response you in anytime for your issues and will reach you within 24hrs.

Do you offer the services and products in any language like Sinhala, Tamil and other languages?

Yes. We are capable of to develop our products and services in any language, specially Sinhala, Tamil and English.Currently we have Sinhala point of sale solutions and it is translation ready.We design multilingual web sites too.

Does the hardware like, Computers and printers include to the existing software packages?

No. Those packages appear without the hardware normally.

Can I use my existing hardware for the software like computer or printer?

Sure. You can. We have to make some few technical changes in your computers if it necessarily, and after that you can use it with the software. Most of the time it’s a good solution for saves your money.

Are there any installment packages for purchasing products and services?

Yes. There are several installment packages and methods offering you as your comfort.

How much time does it takes to familiar to the new software for employees in which establish in any business?

Very short period. We assure to tell that the user friendliness of our systems is very high, so anyone can adapt to the software and systems in very short period. And we always with you to provide needed support and guide.

Can I change my software or web site functionality time to time?

Yes. You have that special chance to add, remove existing and customize functions in the package contacting Genius Soft technical officers paying reliable price.

How do your organization stand for your product when your customer have faced an unexpected circumstance in the shop or organization like hard disk damage, firing, environmental affects and etc?

Concerning the true facts of the situation of your business we re- establish the system offering you a service cost of the system.