This revolutionary software is designed to fit for small, medium & large pharmaceutical business premises. Since it has a powerful mechanism of managing stocks of drugs with including its expiry dates, suppliers & payments etc… , you are no longer need to be in touch with your business as before as you used to be. Just feel happy & cool.

    Chemist is the software that Genius Soft’s solutions for the pharmacies. There are very important features included in this software package.

      • Prescription management
      • Stock management
      • Finance management
      • Report printing tool (reports can generate as you wish like annually, monthly or weekly. The report purposes are focusing for enhance the company’s stock and financial management.)
      • User friendly interface (Reduce the complexity of the software)
      • Customer & Supplier management
      • Notification (Expire dates, invoice balances, etc.)
      • Administrative control(controlling power in the system can be changed when there are more employees in the business place)

    Genius Soft offer this software package in affordable price and it enable you to select one of the paying methods that they offer for you. You can request a customized system which creates under your custom requirements.

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