8 January 2010

Thoga Kade: Sinhala Billing and Stock Managing Software

“Thoga kade” is a JAVA based Sinhala software which is ideal to be used in a boutique where grocery items are sold. This can be considered as a tribute to the effort of integrating JAVA with Sinhala language.

We have centralized all key features of our software in the main window as it provides a user friendly navigation system.

With a view to handle practical & known security issues we have created two user accounts, one for the administrator (Admin login) of the business & the other one for the operator (User login) of this software. User accounts can be created according to the number of users & Administrators, each user or an administrator is given a separate username & a password to login while the administrators has the right to edit, delete, and add users or their existing passwords or usernames. We have limited the functions which are available for users while administrators have the full control over the all areas of the software. The profiles & the privileges available for them can be easily managed when you click on the “Parisheelaka Pathikada” icon from the admin login.

As soon as one session of a user is over he can exit from the software by clicking “Pitawenna” or to log out from his user account by clicking “Waranna” & to provide an opportunity to another user to login to the system by typing the second user’s username & the password.

The system time is always displayed at the top of the main menu & it is used to keep many records in this software.

The administrator of the business can easily manage his own store through this product. To succeed this purpose you have to click on “Gabada kalamanakaranaya”.

The first tab available in the window is reserved to manage the stock item wise. You can enter the English name & the Sinhala name of the item. The item code & the date will be automatically filled. If you use multiple measuring units you can specify them up to 4 measuring units per an item. “Awama seemawa” which is for indicate the low limit of a single item & the software will automatically remind you when such item is reaching up to its low limit. You can revise or delete any added item’s property through the second tab called “Aithama wenas kireema ha ewath kireema”. This is a major advantage as you are able to keep an item name added to the database before you buy the actual stock of that particular item. As soon as you are received the stock you can add that stock to that particular item.  From the “Siyaluma Ithama” tab you can have a look towards all the items you have added to the stock. From the “Thoga ekathu kireema” tab you can add stocks to the items you have already added to the database. At the same time from the “Dakwanna” tab you can have a full & overall description regarding your existing stock or regarding one specific item according to your preference. Inside the same tab the administrator can change the purchasing price & the maximum retail price of a selected item.

One of the key features of the software is making an invoice bill. For this purpose we should click on “Bill sakas kireema” icon. All you have to do is type the first few letters of the item on the combo box & from the dropdown list choose the exact item name. Among user convenient options including in this software, limiting the use of mouse is one. You can navigate to the next point by just pressing the enter key on the key board. Another special feature available in this software is as soon as typing the quantity of a particular item the software will indicate whether that quantity of the item is available or not by emerging the labels “Atha” or “Natha”. After typing the quantity, selling price & amount the  total & balance will be automatically calculated. The max retail price is a pre defined value by the administrator & cannot be changed by the user. Another special feature is you are able to work with multiple invoices at a time. In this kind of circumstance you need to click “Nawa Bilak” which will lead to open  new invoice. After adding the items you can have a printed invoice by clicking the button “Muddranaya karanna”

“Bhanda Apasu Ekkireema” is an ideal feature which is integrated with this software. Through the emerging window you can return any item with its quantity to the database if you have added that item to an invoice by mistake. This is dealing with a practical environment.

“Amathara thorathuru” is a place where you can generate full descriptive reports regarding to your business with including the following details as well. All these details can be calculated period wise such as daily, monthly, annually, between a specific time periods & at the same time you can sort data item wise. The administrator can access these details profit, wastage, recently imported items & highly profitable items etc…

“Apatheyam Kalamakaranaya”, provides a new user experience in managing his or her own business. Through this the user is able to recognize which kind of items have the high potential of getting spoiled. By this he can have an idea when he is about to renew his stock. This is a great feature which can provide a hint to manage the wastage of the business.

“Mila yawathkaleena kireema” by clicking on the icon you will be directed to a window which contains items. By using the “Seweema” text box you can change the purchasing price & the maximum retail price of a specific item or just clicking over the item name of the particular item.

When it comes to business your business data should be secured & you may need to refer them again or you may need them to store them in portable devices such as USB flash drives, CD/DVD, etc. At the same time it is better to keep a copy of the data with you. This is an amazing facility offered through this software & to access this you need to click on “Daththa Surakeema”. From the emerging window you can save a copy of current data in to a predefined location. At the same time you can restore a data file using the button “Nawatha Pihituweema”. This will reduce the risk of virus attack & data corruption.

In here you are provided an overall description regarding this new release & you can access many features more conveniently than described in here.

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